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Obstetric gynecologists (OB/GYNs) are specialists who care for women during pregnancy. Beginning with prenatal exams and continuing through childbirth to postpartum care. Women can expect a range of services, such as ultrasounds, infertility counseling, contraceptive advice and cesarean procedures.

Obstetricians near Salt Lake City

Our women's healthcare team continually delivers high-quality, obstetric care in the Salt Lake City, UT, area.

Our obstetrician gynecologists (OB/GYNs) provide a full range of services, supporting women during their pregnancies from the prenatal to postpartum stages. Throughout it all, we partner with patients to build lasting relationships based on mutual trust and established expertise.

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Advanced obstetric care

Our OB/GYNs deliver medical care to pregnant women and handle pregnancy-related concerns. They have training in childbirth and the female reproductive system. They will conduct your monthly prenatal checkups as well as handle labor, delivery, postpartum and newborn care.

Some of the other obstetric services we offer are:

  • Birth control and family planning
  • In-office ultrasound procedures
  • Infertility counseling

High-risk pregnancy care

Our board-certified OB/GYNs also manage complicated, high-risk pregnancy care. Such pregnancies require additional monitoring services and checkups. Complications could include having previous miscarriages, cesarean (C-section) deliveries or high blood pressure.

Advanced maternity services we offer to support high-risk pregnancies include:

  • Gestational diabetes care
  • Neonatal intensive care
  • Specialized postpartum support

Labor and delivery services

Preparing for a new baby's arrival can be overwhelming. Expectant parents, especially first-time parents, may worry about choosing a birthing center or a hospital. We encourage you to ask questions about birthing methods, breastfeeding options and what to expect during labor and delivery. Our experts can help educate you on these and other topics, so you can make an informed decision.

Childbirth education classes

Our childbirth education classes help expectant parents prepare for the birth experience. New parents will learn about birthing methods, parenting and getting ready for breast- or bottle-feeding. New parents will leave with the information they need to give their family a healthy start.

Our obstetricians and medical professionals lead classes at times that fit most schedules, including evenings and weekends.

Virtual childbirth center tours

Prospective parents can put their minds at ease by scheduling a tour of our labor and delivery rooms and postpartum areas. Many of our practices also offer virtual tours of labor and delivery rooms. It is a good way to become familiar with what to expect on arrival at our facilities. Ask your obstetrician or their staff about how to access these options.

Midwifery resources

If you would like midwifery care, our certified nurse midwives (CNMs) will be important partners in your pregnancy. They add a level of personalized care to your maternity and childbirth experience, empowering you to be active in your care.

Our CNMs perform a variety of maternity services. They monitor pregnancies, conduct prenatal exams and provide advice on diet, exercise and medications. They also help plan for the birthing experience, provide emotional support and, of course, deliver your baby. If complications arise, they take all necessary steps to ensure you have a safe delivery.

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